I was inspired by the recent engagement story post to have a post asking to see everyone's engagement rings! If you aren't engaged, but you want to show off beautiful jewelry, I'd love to see that too. :)

My ring, though often maligned for reasons, is silver and citrine. I love it to pieces.

My favorite view of it is from the side. I love the setting!

I made my fiance's ring from a coffee spoon. We basically had this inside romantic joke about coffee spoons, so I got a silver coffee spoon from an estate sale and made it into a ring. I didn't realize spoon rings were a thing, and now that I've seen them, I really hate the way most of them look. Thankfully, I think you can't tell it's a spoon...

The cuts you see on it are actually the result of a really horrific accident my fiance was in. The state troopers and first responders still have no idea how he survived, let alone how he survived with such little damage. It was a head on collision with a cement truck at 70 mph. The truck ended up driving over the car with him still inside. He threw his hands up to protect his face from glass and a piece of metal or glass ended up hitting the ring and peeling part of the metal off. We filed it down and so all that's left are some cuts/dents. I like to tease him and say the ring I made him saved his life....morbid humor I guess?

Anyway, lemme see your bling, GT! :)