I have so much work to catch up on after taking a few days off for my hearing this week. I have two midterms next week, a project that requires a bit of programming I don't know how to do, some evil physics thing that makes no sense, and an article to write for the university paper about ADA compliance. » 2/28/15 2:10pm Saturday 2:10pm

I consider well off to be someone who can pay all of their bills on time, afford entertainment (going to the movies, out to dinner, etc.), and afford decently nice material things (e.g. doesn't have to be designer clothes, but maybe from Macy's or something). » 2/26/15 2:39pm Thursday 2:39pm

I'm so sorry, Greenheart. Life has a way of sneaking into love and making it difficult. Honestly,if it's a recurring problem and a significant one, I would err on the side of caution. More often than not, we have to learn to accept those recurring flaws because it's unlikely that they would go away. :( » 1/14/15 3:34pm 1/14/15 3:34pm

I LOVE the "I swim because I love my body, not because I hate it" picture. Also, that message is so important. I feel like a lot of the health industry motivates you out of self-hate which causes a lot of unbalance. I find it much easier to pursue health when it's out of self-love. You can be patient with yourself,… » 1/14/15 1:00pm 1/14/15 1:00pm

I absolutely love her books. Just as a heads up though, after years of reading her books, loving them, etc., I found out that she sexually abused her daughter and protected her husband, a pedophile, and allowed him to keep engaging in sex acts with minors. :( it's ruined a lot of her work for me, but I feel like it's… » 1/14/15 12:56pm 1/14/15 12:56pm

I'm working on broomstick lace, and of course Manstrophy's Tom Baker scarf that I'm so goddamn tired of knitting. I really want to set up an Etsy so I can bring in additional income and also motivate myself to be crafty during the semester. Yay, crafts! » 1/13/15 3:59pm 1/13/15 3:59pm