Before becoming disabled, I had this problem. I used to be a really competitive athlete, and I loved winning, but doing exercise that seemed pointless was irritating. I hated treadmills/ellipticals because I never actually went anywhere and running in place seems idiotic. I hated a lot of those exercise classes… » 10/02/14 6:12pm 10/02/14 6:12pm

Baking soda and baking powder? They aren't by any means essential in an apple crisp. I just use a variation on the standard pie dough recipe (flour, butter, water, pinch of salt). With baking, it's so much like a science where understanding what each component does and what ratio you need it in is crucial (or so my… » 10/02/14 5:34pm 10/02/14 5:34pm

Do you mind me asking what kind of science you are applying to? I'm in grad school now, but planning on applying to a PhD program at the end of my Master''s so complicated! I only applied to one Master's program (for reasons....), and it took me forever just to do that one application! » 10/02/14 5:26pm 10/02/14 5:26pm

For me, it honestly depends on the work burdens of each partner. I'm disabled, so my partner does ALL of the housework, which is far too much for one person. Before I was disabled, we split it fairly evenly..probably with him taking a little more because I was still in school. I don't think I can put hours on it, but… » 9/14/14 3:10pm 9/14/14 3:10pm

This combined with his Down Syndrome comment of a few weeks ago is having me shake my head. He has actually tweeted pretty sexist stuff before. There's a great article (on BuzzFeed...yes, I know) about sexism in the free thought and atheist movement. They delve into it a little bit there. » 9/14/14 2:30pm 9/14/14 2:30pm

Right now, we make about the same, but I will be making a lot more...eventually. We have a joint account where we put all of our money. I'm the more frugal one, so I handle the budget and the bills. We use the Level widget on our phones to remind us of how much we can spend, though I usually sit down once a week and… » 7/08/14 6:15pm 7/08/14 6:15pm