I'm with you on this. I changed my last name because it reminds me of my abusive parents. I wanted my hubz's last name because his family has been more supportive and loving. Besides, it's a cool last name. ;) » 4/01/15 11:43am 47 minutes ago

I have a extremely painful physical disability (no cure! super rare! yay!), and the one thing that works more than anything is to lose myself in an immersive activity. Pain can be frustratingly persistent, and I do best when I am distracted by something more persistent than the pain. Specifically, I find that playing… » 3/04/15 3:52pm 3/04/15 3:52pm

I have so much work to catch up on after taking a few days off for my hearing this week. I have two midterms next week, a project that requires a bit of programming I don't know how to do, some evil physics thing that makes no sense, and an article to write for the university paper about ADA compliance. » 2/28/15 2:10pm 2/28/15 2:10pm

I shared earlier on GT about how my sexual harassment hearing went (hint: not well). I'm trying to get myself to eat but nothing sounds good. I've read all the delivery menus, tried to muster up the energy to cook something, etc. » 2/26/15 8:21pm 2/26/15 8:21pm

BRAS ARE THE WORST. One of the better things about summer are those sundresses that have the structured support in the top so you can go braless. » 2/26/15 8:18pm 2/26/15 8:18pm

I consider well off to be someone who can pay all of their bills on time, afford entertainment (going to the movies, out to dinner, etc.), and afford decently nice material things (e.g. doesn't have to be designer clothes, but maybe from Macy's or something). » 2/26/15 2:39pm 2/26/15 2:39pm

I'm seconding recommendations for cucumbers and sweet snap peas. I like cherry tomatoes too! Avocados are yummy (technically fruit, but who cares), sliced mushrooms, and dried nori (does seaweed count as a vegetable?) are also really yummy. » 2/25/15 2:31pm 2/25/15 2:31pm

Well, I did it.

Just left the hearing. It was brutal, y'all. Really, really brutal. I got super triggered when the head of the panel read out some sexually explicit stuff. I basically had a huge panic attack, started bawling, and had to flee the room. » 2/25/15 2:27pm 2/25/15 2:27pm

That sounds nice! We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment and pay 200+ for gas and $180 for electric. That's with rarely being in the house and keeping the house around 60 degrees. :( » 2/13/15 6:55pm 2/13/15 6:55pm

I got a promotion! I was put in charge of the youth public outreach program in my department. SO EXCITED. Also, the person that promoted me is this really incredible, super accomplished, slightly intimidating professor that I really look up to so YAY. » 1/25/15 3:07pm 1/25/15 3:07pm

I'm so sorry, Greenheart. Life has a way of sneaking into love and making it difficult. Honestly,if it's a recurring problem and a significant one, I would err on the side of caution. More often than not, we have to learn to accept those recurring flaws because it's unlikely that they would go away. :( » 1/14/15 3:34pm 1/14/15 3:34pm